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At Myota, we’re focused on supporting business resilience, productivity and innovation

A commitment to changing the rules for information protection.

What We’re Doing

Heightened Information Security Shouldn’t Require Compromising User Experience

End user adoption of information security tools is directly correlated with the ease of use of cybersecurity tools. Historically, security and usability have been at odds – not surprisingly, this conundrum produces lower than optimal adoption rates. As end users are the first line of defense for enterprise cybersecurity, next-generation solutions need to address this issue head on.

“We envisioned and designed Myota to be an intuitive and transparent experience for end users.

At Myota, we strive to make end users feel empowered and motivated to contribute to a higher level of information protection.”

Jaeyoon Chung, Co-Founder, Myota

Cyber Resilience is Foundational to Digital Transformation

The ability to restore data assets and storage environments ensures business continuity and operational confidence. Given the growing frequency, severity and sophistication of cyberattacks, CISOs and IT leaders need to focus upon cyber resilience with the goal of minimizing business impact in the event of an incident.

“At Myota, we believe businesses should have the means to maintain operational continuity and ensure data recovery from an attack. Organizations who leverage Myota not only change the rules in terms of information protection, but also significantly improve their resilience and recovery capabilities.”

Ted O’Connor, VP, DevOps and Infrastructure, Myota

Unstructured Data is Key to Productivity and IP Retention

Gartner and others industry experts project that by 2025, 80% of all enterprise information will be unstructured data. The volume of unstructured data – the working documents of most organizations – has proliferated in the age of digital transformation. This expansion of unstructured data has outpaced governance capabilities in many companies. Today, unstructured data is what digitally-transformed companies have the most of and the least visibility into from a security perspective.”

“Myota is designed to help companies achieve the security, resilience, control and visibility needed to keep pace with the growth of unstructured data. By doing so, Myota protects business productivity at the enterprise level”.

Stephen Wray, CEO, Myota

What We’re Thinking

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