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Our platform is designed with a single goal in mind - 100% Data durability. We offer guaranteed data durability, whether your data is classified as hot, warm or cold - ensuring your data remains secure and accessible at all times.

Our patented Shred and Spread™ technology is at the heart of the bucketZero Platform. This method integrates quantum-proof encryption methods with flexible data storage strategies. It involves a data encryption chain and an immutable striping method. In the data encryption chain, a file is split into smaller pieces, called chunks. These chunks are then encrypted using a randomly generated encryption key. The encrypted chunks are then encoded into multiple immutable data shards.

In the immutable striping method, these data shards, which are encrypted versions of the file, are stored across multiple storage nodes, with double parity. This is similar to RAID 6 but with an added layer of security. The use of additional parity enables the Myota platform to continue to function even if multiple storage nodes fail simultaneously. In the event of storage node failure, a self-healing process is employed which automatically provisions a new node and parity shards are redistributed.

This unique approach ensures that even if your data falls into the wrong hands, it holds no value to the bad actors. And regardless of the IT outage your data is available.

How It Works

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Object Storage

Our Object Storage is designed to meet a variety of data storage needs, leveraging an S3 API bucketZero object storage functions and interoperates across diverse environments - public cloud, private cloud, datacenter, multi-cloud, hybrid cloud and at the edge.
Secure Data Backup and Archiving:

The bucketZero Platform's Object Storage provides a secure and cost-effective backup repository for data archiving. It ensures that your data is protected and readily available when needed. This is particularly useful for industries like healthcare and finance, where data retention for extended periods is a regulatory requirement.

Disaster Recovery:

In the event of a disaster, whether it's a natural calamity or a cyber attack, businesses need to ensure that their critical data is safe and can be recovered quickly. The bucketZero Platform's Object Storage provides a robust disaster recovery solution. It stores data across multiple geographically dispersed nodes, ensuring that your data is safe even if one location is compromised. This feature is crucial for businesses of all sizes to maintain continuity and quickly resume operations after a disaster.

Myota for Veeam:

Myota and Veeam together offer a robust solution for data protection and recovery. This partnership combines Veeam's reliable backup solutions with Myota's patented spread-and-shred™ cloud object storage platform, providing a comprehensive data protection strategy that is both cost-effective and resilient against threats like ransomware..

Securing Git Repositories:

bucketZero's Object Storage offers robust protection for code. Beyond safeguarding from cyber threats, it supports version control, enabling devs to track & revert changes. Essential for software firms to shield their codebase."

File Storage

Our File Storage feature is designed to enhance collaboration and productivity. It includes:

  • Secure File Sharing: Share files securely with your team, clients, or partners. Our platform ensures that your data remains safe during transit and at rest.
  • Cloud Productivity Suite: Work seamlessly with your team using our cloud productivity tools. Edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in real-time, regardless of your location.
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Data Archiving Key Features 1-min

Key Features

  • Shred and Spread™ Data Dispersion
  • Ransomware detection and protection
  • Instant data restoration
  • Support for files and objects
  • Always-on built-in immutable backups
  • Built-in compliance controls
  • Version control management
  • Advanced File Access Control


  • Breach-resistant: Stolen data has no value to bad actors
  • Automated resilience: data is redundant and self-heals automatically
  • Future-proof data protection
  • Simplify compliance
  • Reduced RTOs / RPO
  • Reduced CapEx and OpEx cost savings
  • Eliminates vendor lock-in
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