Key Features

Experience Myota's bucketZero Platform, a versatile cyber storage solution offering features like Shred & Spread™ data dispersion, ransomware protection, immutable backups, compliance controls, version management, and seamless integration with S3 compatible API, ensuring your data's security, accessibility, and compliance
Shred & Spread™ Data Dispersion
Our patented Shred & Spread™ process takes your data, shreds it into chunks, and spreads it across multiple storage nodes. It's like RAID 6, but better. This unique method ensures your data is always available and secure.
Object Storage with S3 Compatible API
Our object storage feature comes with an S3 compatible API that functions and interoperates across diverse environments - public cloud, private cloud, datacenter, multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, and at the edge. This ensures seamless integration and flexibility in how and where you store your data.
Support for Files and Objects
Our platform is versatile and can handle all types of data—cold, warm, or hot. Whether you're dealing with files or objects, we've got you covered.
Ransomware Detection & Protection
We're always on the lookout for threats. Our platform can detect and protect against ransomware, ensuring your data stays safe and sound.
Always-On Built-In Immutable Backups
With our platform, your data is always backed up. And not just any backup, but an immutable one. That means even if a cybercriminal tries to alter your data, they can't.
Built-In Compliance Controls
Staying compliant with industry regulations is a breeze with our platform. We've built-in compliance controls to make sure you're always on the right side of the law.
Version Control Management
Ever wish you could go back in time and retrieve an older version of a file? With our platform, you can. We offer version control management, so you can access previous versions of your data whenever you need to.
Advanced File Access Control
You decide who gets access to your data. Our platform offers advanced file access control, so you can manage permissions with ease.
Secure Remote Collaboration
Work with your team from anywhere in the world. Our platform supports secure remote collaboration, so you can get things done without compromising on security.

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