Offer Cutting-Edge Cyber Storage Solutions to Protect Your Customers

As a leader in cyberstorage innovation, we provide MSPs, MSSPs, and partners with our pioneering "Shred and Spread" technology, empowering you to offer unparalleled data security and resilience against threats. Our collaboration allows you to enhance your solutions, expand your market reach, and deliver comprehensive, secure data management to customers globally.

Join us to co-create the future of cyberstorage and capitalize on the growing demand for advanced, reliable data protection.


MSSPs are at the heart of our mission to redefine cyberstorage. By partnering with Myota, you gain access to shared expertise and co-developed solutions that enable you to offer meticulously tailored, innovative data security and management options. This collaboration enhances your ability to serve diverse needs across various sectors and regions, ensuring your clients receive the most comprehensive and adaptive cyberstorage solutions available.

Strategic Alliance Partners

Strategic Alliance Partners are essential to our vision of advancing cyberstorage solutions. Partnering with Myota means engaging in a dynamic collaboration where we share insights and resources to co-develop industry-leading data security and management technologies. This strategic relationship enables you to offer tailored, innovative solutions that address the specific needs of diverse markets and sectors. Together, we can expand our reach and impact, providing superior cyberstorage capabilities to clients worldwide.

Technology Alliance Partners

Technology Alliance Partners play a crucial role in our quest to innovate within the cyberstorage space. By joining forces with Myota, you'll tap into a collaborative platform where we combine our technological strengths to develop advanced data security and management solutions. This partnership will enhance your product offerings, allowing you to meet the complex and varied needs of your clients across different industries and regions with state-of-the-art, customized cyberstorage options.

Let’s Shape the Future of Cyberstorage Together.

Explore partnership opportunities that drive innovation, enhance cybersecurity, and deliver unparalleled data management solutions to organizations globally.