Transform your data into its own security zone.

Myota intelligently equips each file to be resilient and achieve Zero Trust-grade protection.
Withstand ransomware and data breach attacks. Reduce data restoration time and effort.
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Protects unstructured data with end-to-end encryption
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Shreds data into shards to render them unusable in a data breach
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Spreads data to different repositories to protect against extortion
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Enables full data recovery in the event of an attack

Ransomware attacks are inevitable.
Make your enterprise data invincible.

In today’s data-centric enterprise, unstructured data represents 80% of an organizations critical data assets. This data puts your organization at risk of exfiltration, ransomware attacks and IT failures and outages.

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Scalable security
without operational friction

Implementing best-in-class security shouldn’t create silos or slow down operations. Myota empowers everyone at your organization to take an active role in protecting your data without disrupting their current workflows.

Security leaders

Continuously shield your enterprise from internal or external threats with Zero Trust data protection and access control. Learn More

GRC leaders

Comply with industry regulations from internal or external threats with Zero Trust data protection and access control. Learn More

IT leaders

Deploy in minutes and easily configure and manage individual users, devices and storage spaces with full administrative control to enable employees to work securely from anywhere. No middleware or backups required. Learn More


Render your data unusable to attackers and restore files immediately after an attack, eliminating the $5 million average cost associated with a data breach in 2021, according to the Ponemon Institute. Learn More


Store your data anywhere. Protect it everywhere.

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Avoid vendor lock-in with multi-cloud governance. Leverage bring your own storage solutions — whether your data is in the cloud, on-premise or both. Distribute data through Myota according to your organization’s policies. Minimize the impact of data breaches, ransomware, extortion or compliance failures by storing encrypted, shredded data in multiple repositories.

Myota integrates easily with existing malware prevention, data loss protection and cloud storage solutions.

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Designed to scale with your enterprise

Myota addresses the data protection needs of businesses in financial services, insurance, legal, accounting, and life sciences industries.

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Myota Methodology

How it Works: Shred & Spread

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The Myota Converged DSP

Protect. Withstand. Backup. Restore.

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