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Protect Valuable Assets with Myota’s Zero Trust Data Enclave

Challenge: As information security experts intuitively recognize, cyber criminals are drawn to the most valuable ...

As information security experts intuitively recognize, cyber criminals are drawn to the most valuable targets and the most valuable assets. According to Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report, C-suite executives are twelve times more likely to be targeted by cyber attackers. Given that nearly three-quarters of attacks upon corporations are financially motivated, gaining access to a company’s “crown jewels’ is especially alluring to hackers.  For this reason, senior executives’ cyber exposure must be treated as a “front & center” security issue. Given the individual and collective level of access to mission critical information, data protection for the C-suite must be elevated above the rest of the organization, while consistently evolving in parallel with emerging cyber threats.

Myota’s Zero Trust Enclave for Executive Data Security:
Designed to Protect the Highest Value Targets and Highest Value Assets in a Single Solution

Myota’s Zero Trust Data Enclave is designed to protect what matters most, by rendering your executive team’s sensitive and critical data assets useless to attackers. Myota’s unique Converged Data Security Platform produces a heightened level of data security while assuring the resilience to withstand an attack - even when other security measures fail. 

Myota’s converged data security platform enables simpler, consistent end-to-end data security for IT and Security professionals looking to build a secure location to protect high value assets. By providing  your high value targets with a decentralized data enclave will ensure sustained business continuity and reduces risk of data loss.

Myota’s unique converged data security blackplane is designed to be unaffected by attacks that easily traverse your data silos helping reduce ransomwares blast radius.  Because we are easy to deploy and highly configurable, Myota’s Zero Trust Data Enclave is ready to meet your team’s immediate and future needs. 


  • Zero Trust Data Protection 
  • Secure Internal Sharing 
  • Secure Offline Access 
  • Secure Version Restore Capabilities
  • File Audit Log Reporting
  • Data Resilience to Withstand an Attack
  • Highly Configurable Governance Control

Boosts enterprise immunity and resilience. Unlike legacy prevention-oriented solutions, Myota’s next-generation method of information protection enables zero-trust, end-to end-protection from a variety of external and insider threats. Designed for consumption and scale, complement and enhance your existing data loss prevention and cloud security profile – without gateways, middleware or backups. Myota allows fine-grain control over security, storage and data governance. 

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