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28 October, 2021

Citrix ShareFile Integration with Myota

The Myota Converged DSP

The Myota Converged Data Security Platform offers a multi-cloud secure data lifecycle management experience that boosts unstructured data’s immunity and resilience to be able to withstand attacks against their data and overcome security events. The Citrix ShareFile integration allows business users to easily share files directly from the Myota protected storage environment, retaining the functionality valued by current ShareFile users, while offering a multi-cloud secure data lifecycle management experience. This pairing allows business users to store and manage critical documents while allowing safe file sharing without comprising the security and integrity of your most critical assets.

Core elements of the integration of Myota and Citrix ShareFile include:

  • Allowing existing Citrix ShareFile users to seamlessly add files from their protected Myota drive to their ShareFile account for external sharing.
  • Leveraging Myota as the system of record for sensitive content that may otherwise only reside in ShareFile.
  • Adherence to retention policies to limit the potential exposure of files stored there. 
  • Zero-Trust separation of your storage resources based on data access scenario and its risk: Myota for internal files and folders; and ShareFile for public accessible DMZ. 

Boosts enterprise immunity and resilience. Unlike legacy prevention-oriented solutions, Myota’s next-generation method of information protection enables zero-trust, end-to end-protection from a variety of external and insider threats. Designed for consumption and scale, complement and enhance your existing data loss prevention and cloud security profile – without gateways, middleware or backups. Myota allows fine-grain control over security, storage and data governance. 

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