Myota Named Sample Vendor for Cyberstorage in Gartner® Hype Cycle™

At Myota, we believe that centralized and back-end storage should be as protected from Human Operated Ransomware as ...

At Myota, we believe that centralized and back-end storage should be as protected from Human Operated Ransomware as endpoint systems.

Today we are pleased to announce that Myota was named by Gartner as a Sample Vendor in the Hype Cycle for Storage and Data Protection Technologies, 2022 for its Zero-Trust CyberStorage platform. The report recognizes the need for prioritizing the inclusion of Cyberstorage into storage products above backup and disaster recovery measures.

The evolution of ransomware targeting backup and disaster recovery systems completely wipes out or encrypt all back-end systems, taking down all productivity - and hopes of recovery.

Myota's patented Zero-Trust CyberStorage platform protects storage systems against these disasters, eliminating the impact of full recovery.

Quick deployment options of Myota's CyberStorage is are available through the AWS Marketplace.

By default, Myota's CyberStorage proactively protects data from ransomware as it progressively moves through a network: Once inside ransomware can remain undetected for weeks or even months while it stealthily scans for access, data, and assets to steal and encrypt.

Lateral movement is a critical element in the execution of long term, persistent ransomware attacks. Rather than just compromising a single asset or target, threat actors establish a persistent, malicious presence in their victim’s environment. Protecting centralized storage from lateral attacks on data starts by implementing granular data segmentation policies with a deny-by-default approach to data access. With Myota’s patented Shred & Spread™ technology you can implement the principles of a zero-trust architecture in your centralized storage locations.

As ransomware continues to make headlines, your business and board of directors, are actively demanding protection — and legislators are reacting.

Although numerous solutions are available for endpoint protection, centralized storage lacks active protection against malicious attacks. Unstructured data platforms like network-attached storage, scale-out file systems and object storage provide inadequate protection from malicious deletion, encryption, and data exfiltration, making it an easy-to-attack target.

You must integrate data protection and cybersecurity controls directly into your unstructured data storage systems to provide the highest level of effective protection effective against ransomware.

Enjoy a safer storage centralized experience free from ransomware's impact with Myota CyberStorage.

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