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28 June, 2022

Myota Awarded US Patent for its Zero Trust-based Data Security and Resilience Method

PHILADELPHIA, June 16, 2022 -- Myota, Inc., a provider of advanced cybersecurity solutions that enable businesses to withstand and recover from ransomware and data breach attacks, today announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a new patent, No. 11,281,790 (the ‘790 patent), establishing the Company's intellectual property position and highlighting its differentiated approach to information protection within a Zero Trust Architecture.

"The ‘790 patent issued by the USPTO reinforces the evolutionary nature of Myota's core technology," said Jaeyoon Chung, Myota co-founder and VP, Research.

This new patent includes unique algorithms to allow for data transfer between distribution databases and coordinated replication requests. This means that Myota’s platform ensures that mission-critical systems continue functioning both during and after a data compromise, without downtime or loss.

"Innovation is our greatest defense against the growing volume and diversity of Ransomware attacks," noted cybersecurity/information risk executive and advisor Edward Pagett. "The development of differentiated technologies that can address data protection at the level of the data itself is a significant advancement worth the attention of CISOs and InfoSec leaders."

About Myota

Myota is a pioneering cybersecurity firm specializing in scalable, best-in-class encryption and data protection cyberstorage software. Their proprietary technology platform helps companies build resilience and recover immediately from ransomware attacks and insider threats. Rapidly deployed, Myota seamlessly integrates into a corporation's existing cybersecurity framework and provides the foundational building blocks of a Zero Trust Architecture.

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