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28 June, 2022

Myota's S3C Technology Now Available in the AWS Marketplace

PHILADELPHIA, PA – June 27th,  2022 -- Myota, Inc., a provider of next-generation advanced cybersecurity solutions that enable businesses to withstand and recover from ransomware and data breach attacks, announced today that their solution now available in the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Marketplace.

With the new Myota S3C product in the AWS Marketplace, Myota is uniquely designed to protect and restore data in seconds. Easily configurable, organizations can now immediately replace their existing S3 workloads with Myota-protected storage via the Amazon cloud computing platform and APIs.

Using a patented process that spreads and shreds data shards, Myota's S3C is ideal for building modern applications requiring scale and flexibility and importing existing data for backup or archive. And in lieu of simply poisoning the shards, each shard is encrypted to further mitigate any possible risk. The result is immutable data, impervious to security incidents. 

"Myota is thrilled that security-focused firms on AWS can now quickly and easily use our cyberstorage solutions. Not only does Myota S3C protect and restore in seconds, but it also installs and implements faster than ever," said Chief Product Officer Gabe Gumbs. "The result is data that is more secure, available, and resilient than ever before -- even in the presence of ransomware or other malicious incidents. S3C brings a whole new level of confidence to AWS,"

According to Gartner research, large enterprises will triple their unstructured data capacity from 2021 to 2026, and many already depend on Myota to secure their most sensitive data. With the addition of this new innovative option for the AWS market, Myota continues to support agile organizations with their growing cyberstorage needs. 

Learn more about Myota and the Myota listing in AWS.

About Myota

Myota is a pioneering cybersecurity firm specializing in scalable, best-in-class encryption and data protection cyberstorage software. Their patented, proprietary technology platform helps companies build resilience and recover immediately from ransomware attacks and insider threats. Rapidly deployed, Myota seamlessly integrates into a corporation's existing cybersecurity framework and provides the foundational building blocks of a Zero Trust Architecture.

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