Myota & Veeam

A Partnership for Impregnable Data Security


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Unmatched Protection with Effortless Integration

Cyberattacks are evolving faster than ever, with traditional data backup and recovery services no longer sufficient in the face of relentless cybercriminals. Myota & Veeam, industry leaders in data security and backup respectively, have joined forces to deliver robust data security services that safeguard your organization’s most critical assets. 


Enhanced Security Posture

Air-Gapped & Immutable Storage
Air-Gapped & Immutable Storage
Myota’s innovative bucketZero technology isolates and renders your backups immutable, guaranteeing their integrity even during sophisticated ransomware attacks. 
Air-Gapped & Immutable Storage
Granular Access Controls
Implement meticulous control over user permissions, minimizing the risk of human error and insider threats.
Military-Grade Encryption
Quantum Encryption
Quantum encryption protocols ensure your data remains confidential, adding an impenetrable layer of cybersecurity defense against unauthorized access.

Effortless Integration

Veeam Suite Compatibility: Myota effortlessly integrates with your existing Veeam environment, streamlining your data protection strategy without complex configurations.  

Simplified User Experience: Leverage the familiar Veeam interface to manage your Myota-powered backups with ease, minimizing training requirements and operational overhead. 

Unified Platform, Elevated Security: Myota’s advanced security features integrate with your Veeam backups, providing a holistic and robust data protection solution.  

Cost-Effective Advantage

Consolidated Security Arsenal: Eliminate the need for multiple security tools by leveraging Myota’s comprehensive protection alongside Veeam’s best-in-class backup capabilities.

Reduced Archival Costs: Myota’s efficient storage solutions can significantly lower your data archiving expenses by up to 80%.

Improved Productivity and Risk Mitigation: Minimize downtime and data loss associated with cyberattacks, increasing productivity and reducing risk exposure.

Shatter Your Storage Cost with Myota

Save 20-60% on Your Data Security Needs!

Unlock the full potential of your data security with Myota's innovative, budget-neutral solution. When paired with Veeam, Myota delivers an unparalleled combination of security, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, ensuring your data is protected without breaking the bank.

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