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S3cure your cloud or
hybrid workflows

Myota secures unstructured data through a dynamic object storage interface that supports your cloud workloads, including applications, webpages and hyperconverged infrastructure. Our storage solution is compatible with S3 buckets, easy to configure and ideal for building modern applications that require scale and flexibility, as well as importing existing data for backup or archive.

What are the obstacles to securing object storage?

Object storage providers, such as Amazon S3 buckets, have limited encryption and require you to bring your own key, hold your own key or allow the provider to store the key. They can also leave data exposed if they are not configured properly. If a ransomware attacker or a threat actor within your organization gains access, it’s easy for them to exfiltrate data and difficult for you to restore it.

Myota offers data storage that is secure by default. 

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Protect multi-cloud application workloads, storage workloads, cloud analytics and more with vendor-agnostic technology
data security

S3cure by default

Our patented technology encrypts files as they are saved and uses microsegmentation to disperse them across multiple repositories, decentralizing risk.

Zero Trust
administrative control

Myota separates administrative privileges from the data owner so employees are denied access to data by default
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Myota protects data privacy and ensures it remains within your control instead of being subject to the laws and regulations of another country

Restore operations

Always available

Redundant storage ensures high availability and fast recovery in the event of an attack

monitoring and measuring


Myota does not use hardware, proxies, gateways or key management systems

Use cases

Myota secures object storage for:

  • Multi-cloud and hybrid workflows
  • SaaS
  • Backup and archive
  • Analytics workloads
  • Virtual desktops

How does Myota support secure data storage?

Myota’s Converged Data Security platform combines the tenets of Zero Trust architecture, data encryption, immutable redundant storage and advanced data dispersion. Myota is designed for consumption and scale allowing fine-grain control over security, storage and data governance.

A Converged Data Security Platform

Myota’s patented platform creates a data security backplane that consists of pooled storage nodes that allows us to apply multiple security and IT resiliency capabilities within a single solution.

Zero Trust Architecture

Myota combines user and device access controls with unique data micro-segmentation technology to enable organizations to overcome external and insider threats.

Data Encryption

Myota’s unique data micro-segmentation methodology goes beyond standard encryption to render files unusable to malicious attackers

Advanced Data Dispersion

Myota leverages individually encrypted data shards, data micro-segmentation, and multiplexed data storage to guard against information loss.

Redundant Storage

Myota reduces organizational reliance upon traditional backup storage solutions and retention of redundant copies of files. Seamless restoration and disaster recovery improves RTO capabilities.

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