Turn Back Time

To 1 second before a ransomware attack – so you recover- with no downtime and data loss.

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Myota bucketZero Platform

The only platform that guarantees 100% data durability!


Myota's indestructible data goes beyond traditional immutability by not only preventing alterations but also ensuring data remains resilient against ransomware threats and breaches, providing a more robust layer of protection.

We're committed to 100% data durability, ensuring your data, whether classified hot, warm, or cold, remains secure and always accessible.

Central to our platform is the Shred and Spread™ technology. This combines quantum-proof encryption with innovative data storage. Files are divided into chunks, encrypted with unique keys, and transformed into immutable data shards.

These shards are stored across multiple nodes with double parity, akin to RAID 6 but more secure. Should storage nodes fail, our system self-heals, redistributing parity shards. This ensures your data remains inaccessible to threats and always available, even during IT outages.

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Myota goes beyond immutability

Ransomware Resilience

  • Shred & Spread Data dispersion
  • Ransomware detection & protection
  • Always-on built-in immutable backups
  • Built-in compliance controls
  • Version control management
  • Advanced File Access Control
  • Secure remote collaboration
  • Object Storage with S3 Compatible API
Myota use cases

Addressing modern data challenges

  • Ransomware Protection
  • Backup / Disaster Recovery
  • Secure Backup Repository
  • Data Archiving
  • Log Management
  • Secure Remote Collaboration
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