Advanced data protection for law firms

Myota simplifies data protection and data resilience. With Myota, law firms can protect sensitive data across storage platforms, withstand ransomware or data breach attacks, and ensure business continuity.

Protect your law firm data and your clients

Cyber attacks targeting law firms have impacted millions of files and cost tens of thousands of billable hours. As the legal industry modernizes IT infrastructure and adopts hybrid-cloud architectures, protecting law firm data from attack is increasingly more complex. 


law firms have reported downtime and significant loss of billable hours because of a cyber attack


Attacks on law firms increased 29% from 2019 to 2020


of law firms have reported malware infections in their systems


of law firms have not implemented an incident response plan 

“We are excited to collaborate with Myota to enable businesses to fortify their cloud and data security profile against a growing range of threats.  Myota’s novel approach to information security is well aligned with the 436 Research mission of designing and delivering secure, cost-effective, high-performance information security solutions for our customers”.
Ed Ferrara | Managing Partner of 436 Research
“We envisioned and designed Myota to be an intuitive and transparent experience for end users. At Myota, we strive to make end users feel empowered and motivated to contribute to a higher level of information protection.”
Jaeyoon Chung | Co-Founder, Myota

“Myota is designed to help companies achieve the security, resilience, control and visibility needed to keep pace with the growth of unstructured data. By doing so, Myota protects business productivity at the enterprise level”.

Stephen Wray | CEO, Myota

Why legal firms trust Myota to protect sensitive data

Myota simplifies data security and resilience so your company can withstand ransomware attacks, ensure business continuity, and achieve compliance.
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Protect sensitive data across storage platforms

Law firms have large quantities of unstructured data stored across multiple environments. That data often contains sensitive personal and financial information.
ransomware attacks

Withstand ransomware attacks

Ransomware attacks are inevitable. Myota empowers your organization to protect, withstand and restore by applying the principles of Zero Trust security. Myota’s data micro-segmentation technology defends against exfiltration and extortion efforts.

Restore operations

Ensure business continuity

A single data breach can lead to weeks or even months of downtime for your law firm. Myota makes it easy to restore previous versions of files following a ransomware attack. The platform is compatible with immutable storage configurations, enabling you to continue operations without downtime.

Myota’s Converged
Data Security Platform

Protects unstructured data with end-to-end encryption

Myota encrypts and disperses each file to ensure continuous data protection and privacy in the event of an attack or compromise.

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Transforms files into protected shards that are unusable against an attack

Myota’s unique micro-segmentation method ensures that there is no single point of failure while assuring protection from ransomware and brute force attacks.

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Spreads data to different repositories to protect against exfiltration

Dispersion of the encrypted data shards occurs through two distinct algorithms. Myota’s methodology ensures Zero Trust protection from both external and internal threats.
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Enables real-time data recovery in the event of an attack

Myota's data resilience enables file and storage restoration with minimal IT support. 

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Our Finance Clients Trust Myota to Keep Them Protected

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