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Myota boosts immunity and resilience to protect valuable unstructured data

80% of enterprise data is unstructured – workflow documents representing the majority of the information under management in most organizations. Myota renders stored information unusable to attackers, safeguarding sensitive information and protecting productivity. Myota enhances enterprise resilience in the event of cloud failure or compromise. Given the financial and operational impact of ransomware attacks, data breaches, and cloud failures, now is the time to change the data and change the rules with Myota.


Myota Client: Intuitive File Management Encourages Adoption

Myota Client
  • Fast & easy installation and onboarding
  • “Drag and drop” interface, native to the user’s OS
  • Access file history, easily restore old and deleted files
  • Full transparency of file security status
  • File sharing within organization

Simple to Deploy. Easy to Integrate. Impact from Day One.

Assuring greater information protection for your business shouldn’t require a cumbersome user experience for IT teams and enterprise administrators. It shouldn’t necessitate a loss of control over storage, configurations and policies. With Myota, user adoption and administrative configuration are easy and intuitive – helping you to protect business productivity and resilience at critical points of vulnerability.

Enhance Enterprise Data Loss Prevention

Improve the Security & Resilience of Cloud Storage

Exponential Protection For Sensitive Unstructured Data

Myota Console: Elevating Enterprise Control & Visibility

  • Monitor health and status of system at a glance
  • Fine-grain control at the user and device level
  • Automate security profiles by group or function
  • Configure systems settings to align with organizational needs
  • Intuitive, action-oriented user interface
Myota Console