Data breaches are rampant, companies must stay one step ahead in protecting their most valuable asset—data. Myota offers a solution that not only modernizes data storage but also prioritizes active protection against threats like ransomware attacks, data tampering, and natural disasters making data indestructible and always durable.

Unlike other hardware and software vendors, that leave organizations vulnerable to multiple attack vectors, Myota's approach removes access to underlying data sought by bad actors. By leveraging our patented data dispersion method, superior to RAID, we transform files into encrypted data shards spread across multiple storage nodes. This not only ensures data availability and durability but also renders the data shards useless in isolation, enhancing overall security.

Proactive Protection
Proactive Protection: Myota's platform empowers companies to block access to their data during potential threats, rather than simply recovering from incidents. Stay ahead of cyber threats with active data protection.
Seamless Integration
Our plug-and-play platform seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure, enabling a force multiplier for data security. Whether it's cold, warm, or hot data, Myota has you covered.
Advanced Security Measures
 From unidirectional gateway and polymorphic immutability to a novel chained encryption process, Myota employs novel advanced security features to keep your data secure at all times.
Cost Optimization
Myota's platform not only enhances security but also optimizes your existing infrastructure hardware and software costs, ensuring budget neutrality for your organization.

Myota will allow you to sleep at night with unmatched security and provide ROI for peace of mind.

The risk to an organization's data storage directly affects business continuity, marking the difference between a situation where operations can't be restarted and a fully recoverable event that ensures operational resilience.

Vulnerability to Data Integrity Loss

Systems may be altered or corrupted by malicious actors, leading to misinformation or total data loss.

Ransomware Threats

Sensitive data and Backups, including encrypted and immutable backups can be held for ransom, with only an average 60% data recovery rate after payment.

Exploitation of IT Infrastructure

Backup systems with high-level access can be exploited to attack a wider range of systems and data.

Enhanced Data Integrity and Security

Myota ensures full data recoverability with its advanced security measures, making it immune to common exploits and ransomware attacks.

Zero Trust Data Resilience

Myota’s approach includes Policy Enforcement Points, network segmentation, and a form of immutable storage that operates on encrypted data without the need for decryption.

Advanced Encryption and Recovery

Utilizes Shred & Spread™ encryption that prevents availability attacks, ensuring data remains accessible and confidential.

Here's why we're best

Myota effectively addresses the risk associated with outdated and insufficiently secure practices surrounding data protection, and data backup and recovery, such as open networks, mutable storage, single-location storage, and poor operational oversight - by providing an integrated solution that aligns with the recommended security strategies for Zero Trust Data Resilience.

This results in a robust architecture that is both secure against current threats and resilient by design, satisfying the need for a separated and protected data storage environments