Senior Software Developer

Myota is the next-generation, end-to-end storage security platform, providing exponential information protection for unstructured files while delivering significant storage efficiency and operational agility to the enterprise.

Myota is looking for a software developer to work on our Mac and Windows applications who has experience with file systems. The ideal candidate will be a core member of the development team and will work closely with product management to deliver our solution to market.

If you have a passion for innovative technology and want to be part of a cybersecurity start-up, Myota would love to hear from you.


  • Extend/enhance user-level file system interface for Windows and MacOS platforms
  • Extend/enhance REST/CLI interface for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Docker container
  • Collaborate with product management and internal and external development teams.
  • Create internal documentation for reference
  • Perform performance profiling/analysis
  • Other forms of systems programming; e.g. energy management on laptops, file system cache management, memory management, etc.


  • Experience with developing customer-facing software as a developer (5+ years’ experience)
  • Demonstrated competency in writing clear, concise code
  • Learn Go as product development language
  • Experience with transaction and concurrency control such as goroutines and go atomic package.
  • Experience with software design and development in a test-driven environment including automated testing using unit tests, integration tests, CI/CD
  • Working knowledge software/systems security hardening techniques
  • Ability to learn latest libraries and languages.
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills

Desired Skills/Experience

  • Experience with kernel-level or user-level file system libraries
    (e.g., WebDAV, FUSE, Dokan)
  • Familiarity with data caching and paging
  • Familiarity with internet protocol usage and optimization, e.g., TCP, HTTP, etc.
  • Understanding of software-defined storage
  • Experience with WebDAV server development
  • Experience with Go gorilla mux, goroutines, stretchr/testify, http client
  • Experience working on commercial cybersecurity solutions (big plus)
  • BS/MS degree or equivalent experience in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related subject
  • Atlassian Suite
  • Cloud development on AWS, GCP, Azure, and others.

Bonus Experience

  • Acceptance testing frameworks such as cucumber, pickle, etc.
  • Test Driven Development (test first)
  • Domain Driven Development (business-language driven development)
  • RESTful and HATEAOS architectures
  • Desktop application packaging and delivery for MacOS and Windows

Send cover letter and resume to: