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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Myota?

Myota is the AI-powered cybersecurity solution that boosts enterprise immunity and resilience from ransomware, cloud failure and data breaches.

Myota provides dual-layer information protection by leveraging patent-pending “shred and spread” information distribution technologies. Myota renders stored information useless to attackers, while enabling resilient restoration capabilities.

How do I install Myota?

Please see our installation guide for detailed instructions about how to install Myota on Windows and Mac.

How do I save my files to Myota?

Myota is just like any other folder on your computer. Just open your Myota folder in Explorer or Finder and drag and drop your files into the window.

folder on your computer

How do I restore an older version of my file?

If you would like to view the version history of a file, right click on the file then click Version History.

view the version history of a file

Once the version history panel is up then right click on the file then click version history and select the version you would like to restore. Your revision history will remain, and this version will be restored as a new file in the Restored Files folder.

How do I restore files I have deleted from Myota?

Right click anywhere in the Myota Finder or Explorer window and select “View all Deleted Files”.

From here, choose the file you would like the restore and select “Restore”. The file will now be located in the Restored Files folder.

View all Deleted Files

How do I prevent Myota from launching at startup?

By default, Myota launches when your computer starts. If you would not like for this to happen, please open the preferences panel from your Myota popover and uncheck “launch Myota at startup”.

Myota Startup settings

What do the icons on my files mean?

Acceptable Icon
The green icon means that your file is safe and secure in Myota.

Failed icon
The red icon means that your file has not been properly saved to Myota. This could happen for a variety of reasons. The file is saved locally but not safe and secure in the cloud. If this does not resolve within a few minutes, try to add the file to Myota again. If the issue persists, please contact your IT administrator.

Transferring icon
The blue icon means that your file is being uploaded and secured to the cloud.

How do I view my recent activity?

If you’d like to view files in Myota that have been recently saved or updated, click on the Myota logo in your taskbar. The popover you see shows a list of recently edited or saved files with information about when the file was last saved and what the security status is.

View history


Do I need to be updated to a certain OS version to install Myota?

Yes! In order to provide you with the best security we can, we ask that your OS is kept moderately up to date. Currently Myota only works with Windows 10 and above, and Mac OS 10.14 (Mojave) or above

How can I change my username or password?

Your username and password is provided to you by your employer. Please contact the IT administrator at your organization to retrieve or update your login credentials.

What do I do if my file(s) have failed icons?

The red icon means that your file has not been properly saved to Myota. This could happen for a variety of reasons. The file is saved locally but not safe and secure in the cloud. If this does not resolve within a few minutes, try to add the file to Myota again. If the issue persists, please contact your IT administrator.

How do I delete Myota from my computer?

On Windows: 

  1. In the search box on the taskbar, type Control Panel and select it from the results.
  2. Select Programs > Programs and Features.
  3. Press and hold (or right-click) on the program you want to remove and select Uninstall or Uninstall/Change. Then follow the directions on the screen.

For more info, check out this useful video.

On Mac: 

In order to cleanly remove Myota from your Mac, go to Applications in the Finder menu and drag and drop Myota.app to the trash bin, or right click and choose “Move to Trash”

Move to Trash

Go to the Utilities folder within your Applications folder in Finder. Open the Terminal app.

Open the Terminal app

Type rm -rf $HOME/Library/Application\ Support/Myota into Terminal and hit return. The Myota Client is now removed completely from your Mac.

Does Myota support all file formats from Microsoft Office?

Myota supports most popular file formats saved from Microsoft office. See a comprehensive list here. 

How do I create a support ticket?

You can reach out to our support team directly using this form. This will create a support ticket to keep track of your request.

How do I share files?

To share files with other members of your organization, you can right click anywhere within your Myota drive, and choose “Create Share Folder” from the Myota menu. You can also choose the same option from the Myota icon in the upper right side of the finder window.

Members of your organization

From there, you will select the Sharing Profile (group of users) that you would like to share with and then name the folder.

Sharing Profile

Next you will select the users you would like to access these files. You can give any user edit or manage permissions. If neither is selected, the files in this folder will be view only. If you are unable to select permissions for users, this means your IT administrator has deemed this sharing group “view only”.


A new folder will be created within the respective Sharing Profile folder.

Sharing Profile folder

Note: When you are added to a sharing profile, a folder will appear in your Myota drive for that profile. Any files added to that folder will be shared with all users of that profile. Share folders within that profile are for a subset of the group that are defined by the folder creator.

How do I manage a Share Folder?

If you have manage permissions of or have created a share folder, you can manage the users at any time.  Just right click on the folder and select “Manage Sharing” from the Myota menu. From here you can add or remove users and change their permissions.

Manage permissions of or have created a share folder

If you do not have manage permissions, from the Myota menu you can “View Share Settings” to see the list of shared users and their permissions.

How do I stop sharing?

If you have manage permissions of a Share folder, you may right click on it and choose “Stop Sharing”. You will need to confirm this action. When you stop sharing a folder the files will not be available to non-manager users anymore. Managers will keep a copy of the last version of the Share folder in their Myota drive.


Download the User Guide

Download the comprehensive guide to installing and using Myota.

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