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Benefits of the Myota & Veeam Integration

  • Military-grade Immutability and Durability
    The integration of with Veeam delivers top-tier immutability and durability, providing an additional layer of security to your data.

  • Cost Efficiency
    With, lower your storage costs by a staggering 80% and achieve up to 70% savings on productivity costs and risk avoidance.

  • Full Suite Integration seamlessly integrates with the complete Veeam product suite, further simplifying your data protection strategy.

Enterprises are grappling with an exponential rise in unstructured data, a vulnerable target for sophisticated ransomware attacks. Traditional data protection strategies, often patchwork solutions, are no longer sufficient. With 93% of intrusions targeting backups and 75% succeeding, it's time to rethink data protection.

Introducing's bucketZero Platform, the world's first cyberstorage software solution, designed to protect your data against the most severe ransomware attacks.'s integration with Veeam, the leader in backup, recovery, and data management solutions, supercharges your data protection strategy.


Why use Myota if I have encryption?


Encryption keeps information confidential (so long as the keys are safe), but it does not prevent data from being re-encrypted which threatens the availability of that data. Confidentiality is crucial. But threats like ransomware don’t (only) attack that. Ransomware attacks availability. Myota’s Shred & Spread™ encryption method is not susceptible to availability attacks as the data is encrypted in shards, geographically dispersed, and uses a unidirectional gateway to air-gap the encrypted pieces. A confidential backup is no good if you lose access to it. That’s the added protection of Myota plus the existing encryption.



 Is Myota storage immutable?


Yes. Myota is an immutable storage which ensures data remains unchanged once written. Myota also allows operations on that encrypted data without decrypting it – backup restoration can be performed without decryption for example.

Controls such as object lock and other governance controls meant to preserve the integrity of the data are great when used in combination with Myota’s homomorphic immutability, but by themselves, object locking is easily bypassed with Privilege Escalation attacks ( – a problem worsened when an organization uses a singular (cloud) root account.


 How does Myota air-gap my data?


Unidirectional gateways are the foundation of true zero trust infrastructures. In the past IT architectures focused on file and database replication from edge sites to the remotes site for safely.

Myota implements a software-based unidirectional gateway for zero trust security architectures. This enables data replication from hostile networks to secure networks safely.

As Gartner predicts, by 2024, companies will triple the unstructured data stored as file or object storage.

Prepare for this future with the combination of and Veeam – a power-packed data protection solution for your business. You're not just integrating two platforms; you're redefining your approach to data security and protection in the age of cyber threats.

Unleash a new era of cyber security's bucketZero Platform leverages proprietary Shred and Spread™ data dispersion technology to ensure data availability and durability. Your files are transformed into data shards, encrypted using quantum resilient algorithms, and geographically spread. This strategy reduces your ransomware attack surface while keeping data useful and available.

Unlock the Future of Work's bucketZero Platform is built for the new hybrid workplace. Your remote workers can securely access and share files, with built-in cloud security and quantum resilient data encryption. The platform's zero-trust controls, including access policies and key management, help meet compliance mandates and data residency requirements.

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